If you are one of those who are learning or working with React for web application development or React Native for hybrid mobile application development, then you might have crossed path with the term state management. In this article, I will present my understanding of state management and how to manage the state in a React Native app using redux.

What is State Management? Starting off with the definition. The application that we develop use various levels of states that might be limited to a component, page or the entire application. For those who have just started with the React…

If you haven’t gone through the previous part, you can view it here. I have talked about the basic folder structure of a sample project.

In Part 1, I talked about how the Vue components created inside the pages folders are automatically converted to pages that can be accessed from the browser. Well, this is one of the many features that is provided to us by Nuxt.

Routing in Nuxt

For simple routing, it doesn’t require extra configuration to function. For example, let us create simple components in the project.

A beginner with VueJS for web application development, but I have been working with React for over a year now and had started to feel comfortable and confident both with ReactJS. Confident enough to assure that I could face any sort of problem given I had to use React to do it. Then I was introduced to this amazing new framework during my internship, VueJS. Did some courses, copied and tried to understand what the instructor was doing. Simple enough the things were easy. I don’t know if it was because of the fact that I was comfortable with React…

If you are using React Native for Android App development and ever thought of using a splash screen for it, then the first thing that comes to your mind might be displaying a screen in your navigation stack and then proceeding with your major application logic. Well, I thought of the same and noticed one problem with this. With mobile phones with slower processors and focused users, you can definitely see a flicker of screen when you switch form your “splash” screen to main screen. Well Android already provides us capability to add splash screen to use.

Tools used: 1…

The world is almost at a standstill. Schools, colleges, offices are off. People are experiencing lock-down or working from home. Most of us may be taking these days slacking off, wasting time. The routines that people were so used to changed drastically. I was also like this during the initial stages until a good friend of mine,( I have no idea I was even friends with him on Facebook) sent me a motivating post about learning a new skill during this period. As I didn’t have much on my plate, I decided that I would give it a go.


Divyaswor Makai

Full Stack Web Developer, Game Developer, ReactJS, VueJs, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Unity, React Native.

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