Arc Browser: Making Life Easier With Profile Spaces.

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3 min readFeb 5, 2023


As a software engineer, I usually worked on office projects and personal projects separately. I as any other engineer would have to sign NDA and contracts that would bound us from using office resources anywhere else than office itself. Specially in case of Version Control systems like Git. I would have a personal one and an official one. Logging in and logging out whenever I had to work on them didn’t make that much sense. Fortunately, modern day browsers let you create profiles and you could switch in and out of them when required.

This was specially helpful when you had more than two profiles you had to switch with. In my case, I had to deal with up-to 4 at a time and profiles were a savior of time.

I have not had such a use case for a while now and I don’t currently have to switch profiles for work and personal projects. Also as I switched to Arc Browser by The Browser Company, I had not given any though towards this feature. As it is based on chromium, I was sure that Arc would also have this feature included but I just didn’t know where. As luck would have it, the friend who recommended me to try Arc, showed me how I could easily make use of Arc Spaces and profiles to make profile switching easier and more accessible.

Step 1: Creating profiles

It is quite easy to create a profile in Arc. All you need to do is:

  • Create a new space. You can refer to my previous article here. Create a new space.
  • On the sidebar, on top, you can easily create a new profile.
Creating new Profile
  • Once you click on new profile, you will be guided through a series of modal flow, which are easy to understand. The flow goes like this.
Creating a new profile named “Hobby”
  • The amazing thing about arc is it asks you which space among the existing spaces, you would like to assign the profile for.
Assign profile to space Arc space.
  • And your setup is complete.
New space with its profile.

Step 2: There is no step two.

If you have completed step 1, then you’re basically done with creating a profile and a space for it. You can always switch profile in the new space that you have created or in any other space but that would not be the case in any case at all.

You now have a different Arc space for each of your profile. You won’t have to go change your profile wait for a new browser window open and continue work there. You can just switch Arc space from the sidebar or use your favorite shortcuts to switch spaces.

Keyboard shortcut for switching spaces.

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